Homelessness in America has reached crisis proportions. In Los Angeles County alone, there are nearly 59,000 people experiencing homelessness.

Now more than ever, we need innovative solutions to deal with this complex and challenging issue.

At its core, homelessness is an affordable housing problem. LifeArk offers a cost effective and highly configurable solution that can be implemented quickly. We seek to design solutions that will revolutionize current notions of housing for people experiencing homelessness.

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LifeArk has presented an innovative way to address the needs of our most vulnerable populations. They understand we do not have a homeless problem; We have a housing problem. Their innovative way to address the high cost of housing is a game changer for years to come. As a leading nonprofit addressing homelessness, Illumination Foundation is a proud partner of LifeArk. Together I’m confident we can find a solution to one of the most pressing societal problems of today.
— Paul Leon, Illumination Foundation CEO & President



Micro Unit

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Single Family Unit

Exterior Cladding Options