LifeArk Component Parts: (1) Roof (2) Window Panel (3) Door Panel (4) Column (5) Deck (6) Hull (7) Joint Type

Kit-Of-Parts System

Utilizing rotational molding technology, LifeArk components are pre-fabricated into a module-based construction system, ensuring quality-of-design, efficiency in manufacturing and speed and flexibility in assembly. 

When assembled, the base unit will have a 8' ceiling clearance.

(1) Roof (2) Window Panel (3) Door Panel
(4) Column (5) Deck (6) Hull (7) Joint Type



Quick Assembly

LifeArk can be quickly assembled using majority unskilled labor and standard tools, requiring a fraction of the total building time of traditional methods of construction. 

LifeArk Modules are designed for delivery via standard shipping methods.


Durable Material

LifeArk modules are made with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell and an HDPE foam core which provides structural integrity and optimal thermal values (R-37), in addition to other inherent benefits of HDPE:

• HDPE is the most environmentally stable of all plastics, giving off no harmful fumes into the environment. 
• HDPE does not contain BPA, heavy metals or allergens.
• HDPE is a naturally germ-resistant material and offers zero corrosion, zero maintenance. 
• HDPE's viscous and elastic characteristics prevents deformation and formation of cracks. 
• HDPE is 100% recyclable and is one of the easiest plastic polymers to recycle.
• Products made from Type 2-HDPE recycled plastic are considered eco-friendly because they are made from post-consumer products and are recyclable at the end of their useful life. 


The life expectancy of the LifeArk modules are 20-30 years.

Off-Grid, Self-Sustainable Systems

Solar Power:


Total Power Generated: 21.3 KWh (355 W unit solar PV x 16 units x 5 hoursx 75% efficency)

Water Harvesting + Filtration:


Expected Daily Water Supply: 2,100 Liters (350 liters daily x 6 persons) 

Waste Management:

MEP System.jpg


Safety Features

LifeArk modules are equipped with automatic sprinkler systems and egress windows to provide optimal fire safety in case of emergency.

LifeArk modules are currently undergoing stringent tests for fire safety and structural strength.


LifeArk's modular design allows infinite configuration options to create a number of unique spaces, enabling the master planning of communities.

The modular design also allows LifeArk to be quickly deployed, relocated and reassembled as needed.


Designed to be contextualized to receiving communities, the vernacular of the LifeArk units can be fitted and modified using local materials, skills and labor.

LifeArk Amazon Typical Dwelling Model: Wooden components will utilize local material, skill and labor.

LifeArk Module Panels can be easily modified and adapted to fit local context and need.

Optional Systems

LifeArk units can be fitted with a number of different systems capable of providing clean energy and water off-grid, allowing LifeArk to be assembled anywhere in the world.

Optional System Configurations:
(1) Vertical Wind Turbine
(2) Laminated Glass Solar Panel System
(3) Adjustable Sunshade + Rain Harvesting Canopy
(4) Roof Rain Harvesting Gutter System
(5) LED Light
(6) Ventilation Fan
(7) Double Pane Window Panel System
(8) 60 Gallon Water Tank (x4) - Water Storage + Filtration System
(9) Door Panel System - Heavy-Duty Latch Lock System
(10) Helical Anchoring System – Rapid Footing w/ LABIS (Land Application)
(11) Helical Anchor Mooring System (Water Application)
(12) Geothermal Lake Loop
(13) Geothermal Vertical Loop

Interior of sample module with standard sink, toilet, and small window. Floor and roof modules are not shown.

Interior of sample module with standard sink, toilet, and small window. Floor and roof modules are not shown.


LifeArk Sample Parts

These sample parts demonstrate inherent structural systems designed to be integrated into each module including connections, ribbing, kiss-offs, inserts for hardware, electrical systems, and optional accessories and cladding.


*These samples do not reflect the final color of the units.