LifeArk and GDS Architects selected as a 2018 HIVE 50 Innovator


Hanley Wood announced on Monday the honorees of the 2018 HIVE 50 Awards.

“HIVE continues to stimulate new ideas and shape the future of housing. This year’s HIVE 50 Honorees feature an amazing group of people, products, and processes that are transforming the conversation with forward-thinking ideas and innovative approaches.” - Peter Goldstone, CEO of Hanley Wood.

GDS Architects was selected as a HIVE 50 Innovator in the Design category for LifeArk’s “Resilient Housing” system. Focusing on LifeArk’s capabilities to create self-sustaining communities on land and water, while providing solutions to hazardous living conditions caused by climate change, natural disasters, armed conflict, and economic disparity, Hanley Wood and HIVE 50 Innovators have recognized players that are “leading the charge to inspire creativity, improve performance, and explore better ways to build”.

“Innovation is not just about big ideas - it’s about commitment, investment and action that can and will transform housing in the United States. The HIVE 50 Honorees represent the absolute pinnacle of creativity and technology applied brilliantly to the challenges facing the housing community. These innovators are solving problems we never before imagined we could address, pointing the way for growth and transformation for the future". - John McManus, Vice President, Editorial Director for the Residential Group, Hanley Wood